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Ever since I can remember I have had issues with my weight. I remember being 6 in the play ground at school, saying “im not that fat, i can still feel my hip bones!” Thinking back to that scares me! My little girls are 1 and 3 and I dont want them having food and body issues!

I first started a diet at about the age of 10. I went to weight watchers with my mum and I got obsessed; whats the least amount of points i could get away with using, how much weight can I lose? In the end, mum had to force me to eat some shortbread and i remember crying saying but i will get fat.

The next diet i was about 13 and it was the Atkins one. This was a family diet, and reflecting on this im sure i was too young to do this!

Anyway you name it i have tried it. Weight watchers (three times) Slimming world (5 times) calorie counting, paleo, healthy mummy, shakes, hunger directed eating, second nature, the gut diet – plus many more.

I can stick to things, lose weight and then something happens to make me gain it. I am the master of excuses! Oh I have put weight on because of the steroids i was taking, i was on antibiotics, my dad passed away so i am drinking to forget, ive had a baby, im breast feeding, and the latest one – we are in lock down…..bla bla bla

Enough is enough i decided on Friday the 27th April 2020 after feeling like we had been in lock down forever i decided something needed to change.

I don’t want to be that fat mum, I don’t want to shop in the plus size section, I don’t want to live in leggings, I don’t want to be the fat bridesmaid in December for my best friend; what i do want it to be happy, healthy and around for my girls for as long as possible.

So – time to lose weight and sort my life out! I thought long and hard about how i was going to do this and researched a lot of companies; finally settling on exante.

Exante is a meal replacement programme and has various different plans.

800 – where you have 3 products and 200 calorie meal a day OR 4 products a day.

1200 – where you have 2 products, a 600 calorie meal and a healthy snack

5:2 – their version of intermittent fasting

I decided to go for the 1200 calorie plan. I want to be able to lose weight at a steady pace and keep it off. Plus I am still feeding Ava at night, so i need some extra calories!
Now I had decided which programme to follow all i had to do was buy the products!

On their website they had 100 products for £95, plus next day delivery and a free gift. I thought, what the heck if im going to do this, i may as well do this!

I chose a mixture of shakes, bars, breakfasts and meal replacements and clicked that purchase button! I was scared and excited!

Delivery was amazing (considering we are mid pandemic!!) and i was impressed with the free insulated water bottle, and a free box of soup! I sorted through them all and organised them ready for Monday. I then, in typical Char fashion, had a weekend blowout with Andy and the girls – ready for me to start on Monday!

My aim with this blog is to be honest and open. So each week I am going to be posting how I have got on! Keep an eye out for my first weeks review!

Peace out

Char xxx

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