My First Post

Hi and welcome to my journey!

I started Monday of last week at my heaviest weight, after months of messing about. I have had zero motivation for a while now and I am not sure what made me suddenly want to do a meal replacement diet, but here I am – doing Exante.

The start

I woke up Monday ready and raring to go. I stepped on the scales and they weren’t working. Hubby informed me they were broken and even a change of battery wouldn’t help – cheers mate, why are they still in the bathroom?? Anyway, luckily my sister was heading to home bargains so she managed to grab me a set. I continued on with my day having porridge for breakfast, a shake and a bar throughout the day and then a lovely chicken and bacon salad for dinner. I drank nothing but water and coffee and so the headache was real!! I am a massive addict to Pepsi Max, but I have decided that if I want to succeed, the Pepsi has to go! So good old H2O it was. Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad, but I was a little bit hungry by dinner time.

All the products I ate that were tasty and filling, but going from eating and snacking all day to a low-calorie diet was going to be hard. I woke up on Tuesday, weighed myself, did my measurements and felt more positive. I can do this. I will do this!

Mid week

By midweek, the hunger was slowly going. I wasn’t in ketosis as I am on the 1200 plan I just think my body is getting used to it. Wednesday and Thursday I had breakfast before my journey upstairs to work! (oh the joy of working from home!) Then a lunch, snack and an evening meal. I found my love for peppermint tea again and tried some of the Exante meals. (Indian dhal is a yes, spag bol is a no!) As it happens, Andy at the moment is trying to gain weight, so he is eating all the time, and im trying hard not to fall off the wagon! Still only drinking coffee (black) water and peppermint tea.


Friday is always a testing day. I get so tempted by a takeaway. Although working from home, our main business is taking care of care homes and it is my job to source PPE for them so you can imagine how busy I am! My first meal of the day was a bar cut up into 20 pieces, I picked at it throughout the morning and by 2pm I still hadn’t had anything else to eat (winner). I had a shake about 3.30pm after work and then I cooked a chinese satay stirfry for dinner. It was really nice and im so glad I cooked rather than falling off the wagon so soon. Saturday and sunday were just as easy to stick to. I really think this could be a diet that works for me! Lets see how I do when I weigh in tommorow!

Peace out

Char xx

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