Second Week

My second week has been just as good as my first! I have felt amazing on it and am not tempted to deviate at all!

I have also lost 3lbs! This means a loss of 8lbs in two weeks – im amazed!

I have tried a few more products this week and every new one I try – I think I have a new favourite! This morning was a white chocolate and raspberry shake – wow! just wow!

This weekend was VE bank holiday, and the weather was lush! I really fancied a drink, but instead had a creamy coconut shake, which was a lovely refreshing treat.

My meals have been really tasty and indulgent, whilst staying under 600 calories. My favourite was bunless burger, with veg chips. Im enjoying the fact that I can eat with my family and not feel like i am on a diet!

I am very excited to see how much I can lose in total. I have also been buying extra bits from both the exante website but also on the Facebook buy and sell, where I can get myself some great bargains!

I had a very stressful week at work last week, and really didn’t want to eat much, my girls and hubby are clearly beginning to struggle with lock down and I miss my friends and family. This lock down, is really starting to get hard – at least I will leave it thinner ha ha! Espeically as I have a one year old that eyes up all my food! As if i have the calories to spare to share hun! Here she is eyeing up my pankcakes, which I made using a shake, one egg and some baking poweder and water. So yummy!

A short blog this week, but will write more next week.

Have a good week all

Char xxx

Two Months on Exante

I can’t believe i have been doing Exante now for two months! I feel amazing, I have more energy and Im loosing weight by having cake for breakfast!!

A New Month

Is anyone else struggling to keep up with what day it is? This lockdown feels like that week between Xmas and new year; when everyone floats about life and forgets what day it! I mean we are already on Wednesday and I have not done this week’s blog. I think going forward I am goingContinue reading “A New Month”

Week 5 – the first month is done!

This weeks weigh in led to a further lb off – making it 11.5lbs in 5 weeks. I am so happy that a, I am sticking to this and b, im still loosing each week – despite having a few days off plan.

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