Week 3

This week has been a lot harder. My mental health is not great at the moment. I had a horrendous week at work; one mistake led to another and by the end of the week my self-esteem was rock bottom. I decided to take a couple of days off and switch off from work. So on Friday, I turned my PC off knowing I won’t be going back to work until Wednesday!

With it still being lockdown (although somewhat relaxed) we were still stuck in the house, just us four. We are all beginning to get on each other’s nerves, we are fighting and all generally a bit bored.


Saturday, we decided to go out, as did the whole of bloody Hampshire. We were going to go to the beach, but that was too busy so we then decided to go to a country park – again too busy. We drove around and the kids fell asleep so we ended up just going for a drive and heading home.

When we got home I decided to do the food shop. Ava is such an outdoor gal that whenever one of us goes out we have to take her, so along she came with me. We try to use local trash cafes as a way to save money but also save food waste. Its a place where food from supermarkets that would have been chucked is given to them and you donate what you can afford, or what you think its worth. Today we picked up 4 carrier bags of food, including a watermelon, brie, loads of fruit, bread and eggs, as well as some McDonald’s burgers and sauces! For all that we paid £10, not bad considering that would have cost at least 5 times that from the shops. If you are local to Fareham you should check them out, they are really friendly!!!

I was feeling very down in the dumps by the time I got home, no real reason, just fed up. I want to be able to cuddle my mum, I want to see my besties, I want the kids to have sleepovers at their grandads. I know this is all for the greater good, but man it sucks! I decided that I was just going to have a screw it evening. I had three drinks and we ordered a Chinese. I am now sat here, with everyone in bed as I write this as I feel sick to the stomach. I didn’t overeat, it was either grim or my body is just not liking it.

I am actually looking forward to a clean day tomorrow!


This week I have changed my weigh day to Saturday, so I weighed today and I have lost another 1lb; that makes it 9lbs in 3 weeks! To say I’m happy would be an understatement – and the fact I feel so rough right now hopefully means i won’t want to slip up again in the near future.

My highlights of this week Exante wise has been their new coffee shop range! Their carrot cake bar and cinnamon swirl shake are. to. die. for – don’t believe me? Click here and try for yourself! I think I may have also finally mastered the pancakes!! (check out my insta!!)

We also had our shed roof fixed and we painted it inside and out, so that now it can be used as a gym and I excited to get in there! I will hopefully have some pictures and updates next week!

I hope you are all ok and not struggling with lock down too much, thanks for reading.

Char xxx

Two Months on Exante

I can’t believe i have been doing Exante now for two months! I feel amazing, I have more energy and Im loosing weight by having cake for breakfast!!

A New Month

Is anyone else struggling to keep up with what day it is? This lockdown feels like that week between Xmas and new year; when everyone floats about life and forgets what day it! I mean we are already on Wednesday and I have not done this week’s blog. I think going forward I am goingContinue reading “A New Month”

Week 5 – the first month is done!

This weeks weigh in led to a further lb off – making it 11.5lbs in 5 weeks. I am so happy that a, I am sticking to this and b, im still loosing each week – despite having a few days off plan.

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