Week 4

How lovely is this weather!? I am writing this in the sun in my garden on Bank Holiday Monday; Soaking up some rays, sipping on a strawberry and lime burst (if you are yet to try them – Do it!)

It was our 5th wedding anniversary Sat 23rd May so I had Friday night and Saturday off-plan. We had fish and chips Friday and I had tapas and wine on Saturday.

I did however track all of my calories! Using my fitness pal I scanned and logged all my food in the morning ready for the day. I had exante maple syrup pancakes for breakfast and a shake for lunch. Then on Sunday I woke up and went back to full on 1200 exante! I have not been able to do that before. Have a planned day off and get back on track so easy. Must be because I am hoarding exante products in every kitchen cupboard haha.

On Saturday I weighed in at 1. 5lbs less than the week before bringing my 4 week total to 10.5lbs lost. That’s crazy! Pretty much a whole dress size gone.

So week 4. What are my thoughts so far?

I am loving all the shakes pudding and bars. I’m not keen on the meals apart from the dhal and noodles – both difficult to get hold of. Lucky a friend of mine had some she was giving away.

This week I also got my hands on the birthday cake bars and wow. They are incredible. Like eating actual cake. So yummy. Glad I bought 20 haha.

This week I have also been more active. I have been for bike rides and walks and even invested in a new fitbit to encourage me to move more.

After my weekend off plan I weighed in and had put on 2lbs. But I have not let that de motivate me. I know that’s water weight and I will get that off. I’m ready for this week ahead of me and I’m looking forward to doing some measurements next week to see if I have lost any inches.

Onwards and downwards as they say.

Peace out

Love char xx

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