Week 5 – the first month is done!

This weeks weigh in led to a further lb off – making it 11.5lbs in 5 weeks. I am so happy that a, I am sticking to this and b, im still loosing each week – despite having a few days off plan.

So what has been happening since last week – not a lot! Lock down is still in force – although easing slightly, im still working from home and as the weeks go on we are all arguing more and more.

Tonight I have the in-laws over for dinner which will be nice (socially distant in the garden of course)! I am still deciding what to cook, but will be a salad of some sort – the weather is so nice out!!

This week I have been slightly more relaxed – so on Monday to get myself back on track I joined a whats app support chat – which has been great! Lovely bunch of people supporting one and another – exante and non exante chat! Its nice knowing someone is there to vent to or help you when you want to face dive into a chocolate cake!!

I have also downloaded a new app that reminds me every 45 mins to drink! Last week I think i slipped with my water intake – but yesterday I had about 4 litres (I also upped my steps going backwards and forwards to the loo!)

Friday is Andys birthday and I am again having the day off, but I feel confident that I will get straight back to it on Saturday! Or I could just put a candle in a birthday cake bar for him?? — on the other hand, I don’t wanna waste them on him haha!

For dinners this week I have been having lots of salads, omlettes and more salads – I love salad season!

I have also decided I want a new tattoo post lockdown to represent my family – birth flowers for me, hubby and each of the girls! I am SO excited!!

My aim for this week is to lose 2.5lbs, which will take me to one stone loss! – fingers crossed!!

Have a great week everyone – PS I really need to stop buying products – just had another delivery!!!!

Much Love Char


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