A New Month

Is anyone else struggling to keep up with what day it is? This lockdown feels like that week between Xmas and new year; when everyone floats about life and forgets what day it! I mean we are already on Wednesday and I have not done this week’s blog. I think going forward I am going to post as and when rather than weekly. I don’t really need more stress than I already have!

Since I last wrote, I have had some struggles; with exante and my mental health! I think it started when we had the windows done. The sealant they used set my Astmah off; which has, in turn, led to a week-long anxiety attack. I have struggled to breathe and am not sleeping well. I have also binged on more than one day. Andys birthday was my day off plan, but was also weigh day; half on! Not impressed but decided to have the day off and get straight back to it the next day.

Saturday was fine and I managed to stick to the plan – mainly because I had an epic mid-afternoon nap with Ava!! Sunday we had a socially distanced gathering with some friends! I tried so hard to be good and to be honest whilst they were here I did. I had a cupcake and some sweets but that was it. I cooked us all a healthy chicken salad and whilst the men got drunk, we chatted and the kids played. It was so so nice seeing the kids play together after so long! After they left, I realised just how much I miss normal! I miss being able to hug people, being able to go to their houses, my kids going to school; I just miss it all. Hubby passed out on the sofa after 3 too many whiskeys and I cooked my eldest some hotdogs – which I also had.

I woke up feeling rubbish – but the whats app support group and my friend cheered me up and made me realise a blip is just that – a blip. So I got back on with it, until yesterday. For some unknown reason, I full-on binged. I ate biscuits, sweets, chocolates, fish and chips you name it! I went to bed feeling grotty and slept awfully.

So here we are again – a fresh start for the third time this week – however, this time feels better. I feel more in control. Andy is back to work on Monday and the girls are going back to nursery. I feel like we are edging closer to normality – whatever that may be!

In regards to exante I have tried some new meals this week. I had the cheese and bacon eggs, that was a no and sold them straight away. I also tried the ham mushroom and pasta soup and the Indian style rice – both surprised me and I enjoyed them. You still can’t beat the shakes and bars though!

I am still happy with Exante and I am looking forward to what the future holds for me – I have a bridesmaid dress to look awesome in in December (fingers crossed anyway!) and we are going to centre parcs next may, so I would like to be near my goal of 100lbs lost by then. Currently, I am at 11 lbs lost – only another 89lbs to go!

Once we get back to our new normal next week, I am going to try and get back in our gym. What’s the point in having an awesome gym in the garden if I don’t use it! I am hoping the structure of the girls going to nursery will help me, if not I will at least catch up on programmes in between me working and picking them up! I may even get a bath on my own!!!

Have a good week everyone, and speak soon



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