Two Months on Exante

I can’t believe i have been doing Exante now for two months! I feel amazing, I have more energy and Im loosing weight by having cake for breakfast!!

On the 20th June I weighed myself, hoping for a 1.5 lb loss to make my 1 stone loss, but I achieved 3 lbs off! Since then I have lost another one lb, which means in 9 weeks I have lost 16.5 lbs. Don’t get me wrong, I have had wobbles and slip ups and i could have done better, but this is the most I have lost in a while!

Not only have I lost numbers on the scales, im loosing inches – or as hubby described it – i look less plump! I showed him this comparison photo and he said he was very proud! I cant believe how much of a difference i can see!

On June 28th Exante started its four week summer challenge, 4 weeks of being 100% on the 800 plan. I was excited to give it a try. BUT Ava decided she wanted to feed more and more during the night, I was exhausted and realised the 1200 plan was much more suited to me, so after 4 days I went back to what I know! I had the weekend off plan, and then decided that I would not now weigh until the 1st August, in something I am calling #NoWeighJuly – I want to take the focus off the numbers ad concentrate on wellness.

I am also raising money for the British Lung foundation by walking a minimum of 100 k in July! Im hoping this will give me the motivation to move more! If you would like to donate, please click here.

This month I have tried a few new Exante products including the Indian style rice and the bean chilli – but my absolute fave is the choco puffs – im annoyed i didn’t buy more!!!

Fathers day has also been and gone. It is always so bittersweet for me. I love that I get to spoil my hubby for being an awesome dad and it was lovely having the in laws over for a BBQ, but it makes me miss my dad so so much. For those of you that dont know, my dad was on holiday in Egypt and he got a chest infection which got so bad it led to Sepsis. His organs were all giving up and he was being airlifted home when 20 mins from landing his heart gave up. He was only 56, and is missed every day! This is another reason why I am doing exante, and trying to move more. He wasn’t the healthiest of guys, and I want to be fit and healthy and be around for my girls, for as long as I can!

On a plus side, i did win the Exante fathers day comp for hubby!! He won this amazing Mankind hero box, and I Won a 2 week Exante pack (not that I needed any more stock, I think i have a buying problem!!) but it was a lovely surprise to win!

I am looking forward to a month of being focused on me and how im feeling rather than concentrating on what the numbers say. Now i have lost my first stone, people are beginning to notice. We went to some friends the other day and they both said they could see a difference, and that has given me a much needed boost! I have even started wearing make up more – mainly because my eyebrows are going grey from not being done at the salon, so i need to draw them on to have some shape to my face!!!

The next few weeks i am so excited for. On the 4th July, we are having an independence day BBQ with my American Breastie, 9th of July I am getting my hair done (YAY!!!!) and on the 14th July I am taking Kimberley to Peppa Pig world! She has been such a good girl and coped with Lock down so well, that I think she deserves a treat; so mum, my sister, Nephew, me and Kimberley are having some much needed time together!

Thanks for reading!

Love Char xxx

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