Two Months on Exante

I can’t believe i have been doing Exante now for two months! I feel amazing, I have more energy and Im loosing weight by having cake for breakfast!!

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A New Month

Is anyone else struggling to keep up with what day it is? This lockdown feels like that week between Xmas and new year; when everyone floats about life and forgets what day it! I mean we are already on Wednesday and I have not done this week’s blog. I think going forward I am going to post as and when rather than weekly. I don’t really need more stress than I already have!

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Week 5 – the first month is done!

This weeks weigh in led to a further lb off – making it 11.5lbs in 5 weeks. I am so happy that a, I am sticking to this and b, im still loosing each week – despite having a few days off plan.

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Week 4

How lovely is this weather!? I am writing this in the sun in my garden on Bank Holiday Monday; Soaking up some rays, sipping on a strawberry and lime burst (if you are yet to try them – Do it!)

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Week 3

This week has been a lot harder. My mental health is not great at the moment. I had a horrendous week at work; one mistake led to another and by the end of the week my self-esteem was rock bottom. I decided to take a couple of days off and switch off from work. So on Friday, I turned my PC off knowing I won’t be going back to work until Wednesday!

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First weigh in

5lbs. I lost 5lbs in a week. A week where I enjoyed most of the food. Where I didn’t feel hungry. Where I drank plenty of water and where I didn’t actually have to think too much about food!!

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My First Post

Hi and welcome to my journey!

I started Monday of last week at my heaviest weight, after months of messing about. I have had zero motivation for a while now and I am not sure what made me suddenly want to do a meal replacement diet, but here I am – doing Exante.

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